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TimeMachine 0.1

The Timemachine is a program to load previous firmwares and custom firmwares from memory stick
using pandora. Like devhook, but working throgh pandora and custom ipl's, it would work even if the
flash and nand ipl of the machine is destroyed.
The timemachine is useful to run software that is not supported anymore, and also as a way of
booting psp's even if the internal firmware is destroyed. It can also be useful for developers
to test their homebrew in different firmwares.

Currently the timemachine can install the following firmwares:

- Original 1.50 (can only be loaded on the phat)
- 1.50 with some 3.40 hw modules. Can be loaded on both, phat and slim.
- 3.40 OE (can only be loaded on phat)
- 3.60 M33 (can only be loaded on slim)

Rest of cfw will be added in the future.

Requeriments of time machine:

- The timemachine itself doesn't require any firmware, only a pandora battery.
Timemachine nand boot in slim, requires, however, 3.90 M33-2 or greater.
- The timemachine installer requires 2.71 SE or higher.

Instructions: Copy the TIMEMACHINE folder to /PSP/GAME and run.

All firmwares can be installed on whatever PSP (slim or phat), but they can only be used
in the psp indicated in the option.

Explanations of options:

- Option 1: Install iplloader. This will install the timemachine iplloader in the memory stick.
The iplloader is so small, that doesn't require any mspformat to have been done before.

This step is necessary to run anything else.
The iplloader of the timemachine is a multiipl loader that can load multiple ipl's accorrding
to key configurations found in the file /TM/config.txt (this file will be created by the timemachine installer).

The default configuration is to load the ipl's with the following keys:

- 1.50: cross
- 1.50+3.40hw: circle.
- 3.40 OE: triangle.
- 3.60 M33: square
- Pandora/DC1-4 ipl (converted to TM format): digital up
- Anything else: will boot the firmware installed on flash.
(Note: as said before, in the slim,
only nand firmwares with 3.90 M33-2 or higher can boot. Neither prvious CFW nor whatever original
firmware can boot from nand when booted from a Pandora battery due to a Sony protection that has to be bypassed by the own nand ipl code).

You can modify this configuration following the instructions of the file config_readme.txt that
will be written on the /TM folder after installing the iplloadder.

- Option 2: Convert pandora IPL into TimeMachine format.

Because the ipl used in pandora and DC1-DC4 (they are all same) is not compatible with the
timemachine ipl format and user may want to load pandora/DC1-DC4 with the TM iplloader, this option
is for that.

Requeriments: the ipl of pandora/DC1-DC4 in the root of the memory stick, named "msipl.bin".
This file is written by Pandora and DC1-DC4 installers.

After convertion, the converted ipl will be in /TM/pandora.bin.

- Option 3: Install 1.50.
It will install 1.50 which can only be run on the psp phat (for a 1.50 that can be installed on
the slim go to the next section).

Requriments: the eboot.pbp of 1.50 in the root as 150.PBP

- Option 4: Install 1.50 with 3.40 HW modules. (PSP PHAT or SLIM).
This will install a mix of 1.50 software modules with some 3.40 hardware modules, so
it can work on the psp slim. It will usually run most 1.5 homebrew.

Requriments: 1.50 and 3.40 Sony eboot.pbp in the root renamed as 150.PBP and 340.PBP,
and the 360.PSAR on the root too (to know what the 360.PSAR is, read below, in the 3.60 M33 installation section).

From 1.50 it will be extracted most modules, usually the software related ones.
From 3.40, it will be extracted a few modules, usually hardware modules.
From 3.60, it will only be extracted the wlan bios of the slim chip.

Known problems or considerations of the 1.50+3.40hw:

- The media doesn't work fine in the XMB (music, videos, etc).
Yeah, this is known, anyways the main purpose of this firmware is to run homebrew,
as for XMB usage is better to use a more modern one.

- The "videocodec bug", aka crappy pmf play, only happening in the slim.
For some hw incompatibilty that coudln't been resolved yet, pmf videos, including
the gameboot, will play crappily in the slim.

This will happen also in 1.5 games you try to run, videos will play crappily.

Because PMPAVC videos also use the videocodec API, they will play crappily too.
Normal pmp (xvid) (used on pimpstreamer too) will play fine however as they are decoded by cpu.

- The exit with home with "odd colors" bug.
When exiting with home from a homebrew or game, you may see random colors at the end of the framebuffer.
Nothing important, it even gives it an accidental stylistic look :)

- The PC os may detect the PSP slim as a new device.
This is normal, psp slim has a different product id (pid), but 1.5 usb driver uses only the old phat
pid. Nothing important, the usb will work fine in the slim.

- Wlan. The wlan seems to be working, it has been tested using the network update download, and
pimpstreamer 201 for 1.50.

However two things are recommended:
* Turn off the wlan power save.
* Use manual IP and DNS configuration (otherwise you may have DNS problems).
If you don't know the manual configuration for your router, just do an automatic connection
in a higher firmware, and write somewhere the data that appear in the test page at the end,
and use that info to fill the manual configuration in 1.50+3.40 hw.
* As in normal 1.50, there is no WPA support.

- Homebrew that uses some patching code over some of the module that are from 3.40,
will not work and will probably crash. This is obvious, they were coded to patch 1.50 modules :)

- Option 5: Install 3.40 OE.

It will install original 3.40 OE which can only be booted on the phat.
Requeriments: 1.50 and 3.40 Sony eboot.pbp on the root as 150.PBP and 340.PBP

- Option 6: Install 3.60 M33.

It will install original 3.60 M33, that can only be run on slim.
Requeriments: 360.PSAR on the root.

Because there is no 3.60 eboot on the net as the slim was shipped directly with 3.60,
the 360.PSAR is a file that has to be created on a psp running 3.60 M33.

To dump 3.60: run the program 360DUMPER that is in this release in a psp running 3.60 M33.

The result 360.PSAR is a file that uses the decrypted psar format
(what a sce psar would look without encryption), that was already used in 3.51/3.52 M33, and
it will have following size and md5 (checked anyways by the tm installer):

Size: 18189502 bytes.
MD5: EAA13343C70D9B0337C75B295474C69A


Differences between running a firmware in the TimeMachine and a firmware in the flash.

Usually the time machine will run the firmware or cfw unmodified,
including its original not critical bugs.

There are some exceptions:

- In 3.40 OE a critical bug regarding the configuration file descriptor not closed is fixed
by the timemachine core patching the OE core in ram :)
- The TA-086 brightness is fixed for everything that has a 1.50 kernel
- The 4th level of brightness (i cannot live without it) is enabled for whatever thing,
either if it is done nativelly (3.40 OE, 3.60 M33) or by the timemachine code (1.50, 1.50+3.40hw).
- The signcheck is patched and the firmware is written unsignchecked, so it can be shared between
different psp's.
- 8 GB and greater memory sticks are enabled everywhere.
- 1.50 an 1.50+3.40hw can run not kxploited pbp's too.
- Flash USB doesn't work. This is normal, the flash usb uses the lflash block device,
and in the timemachine that device is unnecesary and its implementation is a dummy one. Just use the normal memory stick usb,
as the firmware is there :)

Other considerations:

- Usually the firmware running the timemachine should have more free kernel memory than
the normal one, because the lfatfs module is replaced by the timemachine core which should be using less memory.
- IF you see somewhere (probably in the browser) an error 0x80010018, this is because of too
many files opened in the memory stick (as normal memory stick driver is shared with the pseudo flash one).
The timemachine core tries, however, to minimize at maximum that this error happens.

- The Time Machine works faster if you install all firmwares you are gonna use
after having formatted the memory stick, and then put everything else.

- When booting with a pandora battery in the nand firmware, remember that unless you change the battery,
you will need the same memory stick to recover from sleep mode!

- Be sure to distinguish between TM bugs and OE/M33 bugs. For example, in 3.60 M33, if your iso
running in March33 no-umd mode hangs at exit, that was a bug of 3.60 M33, not of the timemachine!

Little FAQ:

- What is loaded from nand and what from memory stick?
Only idstorage is read from nand, everything else, ipl and flash files are loaded from memory stick.
Not even a single instruction of Sony regarding the reading of flash files and partitions is executed.

In the future, the load of idstorage from memory stick is planned as an option.

- Why don't you make a 1.50 addon for 3.90 M33 for the slim if it can run now on the slim?
Currently, it is only possible to run this 1.50+3.40hw in a TOTALLY fresh booted machine by the user.
Not even a psp cold-reseted by software can run 1.50+3.40hw after having been in 3.xx, due to some problems
related with slim hardware.
There are other implementation problems, but that one is the more critical.

DC:Despertar del Cementerio (PSP修復ツールの名称です)

タイムマシーン 0.1

TimeMachineは以前のシステムソフトウェアやカスタムファームウェアを、Pandora's Batteryを用いてメモリースティックから読み込むプログラムです。
Devhookのようですが、これはPandoraと改造したiplを通して動きますので、本体のflashやnand iplが破損していても動作するでしょう。


- システムソフトウェア 1.50の起動 (旧型のみ読み込めます)
- 3.40のハードウェアモジュールを混ぜたシステムソフトウェア 1.50の起動。旧型でも新型でも読み込めます。
- カスタムファームウェア 3.40OE-A (旧型のみ読み込めます)
- カスタムファームウェア 3.60 M33 (新型のみ読み込めます)



- TimeMachineそのものはPandoraを使用して起動しますのでどのファームウェアでもかまいません。
 ただし、新型PSPでTimeMachineから本体のファームウェアを起動するには3.90 M33-2以上である必要があります。
- TimeMachine インストーラの起動には2.71 SE以上のカスタムファームウェアが必要です。

使用方法: TIMEMACHINEフォルダをms0:/PSP/GAME/にコピーし、実行してください。



- 1:Install ipllodaer



- 1.50:×ボタン
- 1.50+3.40hm:○ボタン
- 3.40 OE:△ボタン
- 3.60 M33:□ボタン
- Pandora/DC1~4のipl:方向キー上
- 何も押さない:本体のファームウェアを起動します
本体ファームウェアの起動は3.90 M33-2以上でのみ行えます。)


- 2:Pandora IPLをTimeMachine形式に変換

TimeMachine ipllodaerを介してPandoraやDC1~DC4を起動する際はこの項目を実行します。



- 3:システムソフトウェア バージョン1.50のインストール


- 4:3.40のハードウェアモジュールを混ぜたシステムソフトウェア バージョン1.50のインストール


(360.PSARについては後述、3.60 M33のインストールで説明しています。)


- 音楽、動画といったメディアがXMBで再生できません。

- "videocodec bug"、別名crappy PMF play(粗末なPMF再生)。新型PSPでのみ発生します。


PMPAVCの動画もこのvideocodec APIを使用しているため、うまく再生されません。

- HOMEボタンで終了すると"odd color"バグが発生します。

- USB接続した際に、PCが新型PSPを「新しいデバイス」として認識します。

- 無線LANについて

* 設定>省電力設定>ワイヤレスLAN省電力モードを切ってください。
* 手動で設定したIPとDNSを使用してください(そのほかの設定だとDNSの問題が発生します)
* システムソフトウェア バージョン1.50の仕様で、WPAには対応していません。

- 3.40から抽出したモジュールにパッチをあてようとするいくつかの自作アプリは動作せず、クラッシュします。

- 5:カスタムファームウェア 3.40 OEのインストール
旧型でのみ起動できる、3.40 OE-Aをインストールします。


- 6:カスタムファームウェア 3.60 M33のインストール
新型PSPでのみ起動できる、3.60 M33をインストールします。


システムソフトウェア バージョン3.60は新型PSPに直接インストールされていたため、インターネット上にアップデータが存在しません。
ですから、360.PSARは3.60 M33がインストールされたPSPから展開・生成する必要があります。

3.60の展開方法:3.60 M33がインストールされたPSPで、TimeMachineと一緒にリリースされた360DUMPERを起動してください。

これはすでに3.51/3.52 M33で使用されており、サイズとハッシュ値は以下の通りです(TimeMachine インストーラによって自動的にチェックされます)




- 3.40 OEでの、設定ファイルのdescriptorが閉じないバグに関してはRAMにあるOEコアへのTimeMachineコアパッチによって修正されます。
- TA-086での輝度問題はすべての1.50カーネルをもつファームウェアで修正されています。
- 4段階目の明るさ(私これがないと生きていけないんですよね)はどの状況でも(本来搭載されていない3.40 OE/3.60 M33や、TimeMachineによるコードによる1.50/1.50+3.40でも)有効です。
- サインチェックはパッチをあてられており、ファームウェアはサインチェックされずに書き込まれるため、異なったPSP間でも共有することができます。
- どのファームウェアでも8GB以上のメモリースティックが使用できます。
- 1.50と1.50+3.40でkxploited状態の自作アプリ(1.00用の単独フォルダで動作させるアプリ)も起動できます。
- flashへのUSB接続は使用できません。これは仕様であり、USBでのflash接続はデバイスによりブロックされます。


- TimeMachineで起動したファームウェアは通常の起動より多くのフリーなカーネルを持ちます。
- もしどこかで(特にブラウザで)0x80010018エラーが発生した場合、これはメモリースティックから多くのファイルを読み込みすぎています。

- 一度メモリースティックをフォーマットしてからファームウェアをインストールするとより軽快に動作します。

- Pandora's Batteryで本体ファームウェアを起動してる際、バッテリーを変えないでください。

- TimeMachineの不具合とOE/M33の不具合を区別してください。
 たとえば、3.60 M33ではゲームのISO起動をMarch33 NO-UMDモードで行うと、終了時にフリーズします。
 これは3.60 M33のバグであり、TimeMachineのバグではありません!

- 何を本体から、何をメモリースティックからそれぞれ読み込んでしていますか?


- なぜ新型PSPでも1.50の起動ができるのに3.90 M33用の1.50 Kernel Addonを開発しないのですか?



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